Sistem Suria dalam grid

Dibina di atas kecemerlangan penyelidikan dan pembangunan berdekad-dekad dengan pengalaman yang telah terbukti di lapangan dalam sistem kuasa...

Sistem Suria luar grid

kita mengimbas kembali musim dramatik semua perlumbaan elektrik apabila pemandu dan pasukan Juara dunia Formula E ABB yang pertama merangkul gelaran mereka dalam ...

Sistem Penyimpanan Tenaga (ESS)

Dibina berdasarkan kecemerlangan penyelidikan dan pembangunan berdekad-dekad dengan pengalaman aplikasi yang terbukti di lapangan dalam sistem kuasa...

About suntree

Suntree Electric Group Co.,Ltd,the leader manufacture of the PV industry and smart electrical since 2007. Nine subsidiaries under Suntree Group which have formed in Shanghai,Shenzhen,Zhuhai,Zhejiang, Including "Suntree","Shanghai Suntree","Nudy","Litto" and other Brands. New Energy, Smart Electrical,Power Grid are three ,major business of Suntree Group. We are provide high Quality Electric Products to protect the one you love ! Suntree has Strong independent innovation capabilities and core technology with more than 100 software copyrights, patents and new products identification certificate items. Factory Quality system in ISO9001, ISO14000, OHSAS18000, I SO27000 Products obtained CE, CB, VDE, LVD, IEC, Nemko, SAA, TUV, MEA, PEA, G59, RETIE etc Certification Advance desigconcept,sophisticated production equipment,strict quality test and assurance system, fast response and excellent after sales service male suntree more and more trust by our clients.


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PV energy storage system

Sistem penyimpanan tenaga PV

Elemen perlindungan yang diperlukan untuk sistem penyimpanan tenaga fotovoltaik

sistem luar grid

Elemen perlindungan diperlukan untuk sistem luar grid fotovoltaik

grid-connected system

sistem bersambung grid

Komponen perlindungan diperlukan untuk sistem bersambung grid fotovoltaik

Australia 20kw system

DC Waterproof Isolation Switch Application Case

Poland 10kw system

DC Mini Circuit Breaker Application Case

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